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I wanted to remind Amazon Prime users that their membership includes the ability to Borrow for Free! gobs of eBooks. And why not read something hot & short so you can get back to your binge-watching? Who knew that Amazon could be so sexy? Lucky dog. You've got Amazon Prime and are likely handsomer than people who don't. —JF

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PULP BUZZ is a Twitter centric buzz syndicate for modern and retro pulp fiction. Noir, crime, lgbt, spicy, horror and hardboiled dime-store paperbacks and eBooks. I invite you to follow my tweets and hope you will come back when you're looking for "a certain dirty."

Buzz for modern & retro pulp with a bang!

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Buzz for Readers of Modern & Retro Pulp with a Bang! 

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Keep abreast of the latest in modern & retro pulp with a bang!
Keep abreast of the latest in modern & retro pulp with a bang!

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Subscribe to PulpRetro channel on YouTube


In my Midnight Reader series, CURIOUS is my top-selling eBook (also most-borrowed by #kindleunlimited & #AmazonPrime members), followed by Bad Boy, Rascal and Stranger.


In paperback, the full MIDNIGHT READERTwelve Erotic Tales collection takes the top spot for most copies sold. ~JF

Beach Book for Pervs

If you’re looking for a breezy book to take along with you to a sandy beach, the hunt is over! Explore erotic desires — and lose yourself. Come along, with this Bad Boy… —JF


Since I live in Indiana, it's strange being a writer of #mmfiction / #gayerotica. Feels like I'm "behind enemy lines" peddling subversive #lgbt #pulp propaganda. —JF

MIDNIGHT READER: Twelve Erotic Tales by Jeff Funk · ·  This collection includes the first four books of the Midnight Reader series: Bad Boy, Curious, Rascal & Stranger. Twelve o’clock. Twelve erotic tales intended for mature readers.

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A subversive neo-pulp movement is afoot in publishing and through his syndicate JEFF FUNK is collecting pieces of the PULP CHRONICLES


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Buzz for Modern & Retro Pulp with a Bang!
Pulp Buzz is the “thinner sister syndicate” of Midnight Reader. The new NightLite™ edition includes pulp posts, breaking tweets, author news, interviews and videos, and is optimized for fast loads on all devices. 

Fear not, the original Midnight Reader will continue ticking—and breathing—alongside its femme fatale sister, Pulp Buzz. —JF

Enchanted Evening…


STRANGER • Come along for a naughty romp in this collection of three short stories by erotica author, Jeff Funk.
epub | kindle | print